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Freight exchange platforms

Freight exchanges' overview

Freight exchanges are platforms for exchanging information between carriers, feright owners and shippers. They facilitate communication, transaction processing, and acquisition of new orders. First and foremost, they allow for minimizing empty running and optimizing the use of the cargo area, and - consequently - reducing costs. We invite you to read our review of the leading freight exchange platforms.


Name of the company Number
of offers

Free trial period

Cost of use
of activity

Additional services

123 cargo

Every day over 30.000 unique loads Free online DEMO version plus remote presentation done by 123cargo sales representative who will adjust it to your personal needs. Two types of subscription: 6 months for 625PLN and 12 months for 1000PLN (no VAT tax - foreign company but Polish bank account) South-East Europe with particular reference to Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Balkans, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
 - Free of charge payment incidents
 -  Unlimited number of users
 - Up-to-date offers (database is refreshed every 15 seconds and expired loads are deleted)
 - The possibility to login into the freight exchange from any device that is connected to the internet.



17 years of continuous growth in offers, which resulted in 50 000 unique, non-repeating transport and load offers each day Registered and checked company can test our platform for 1 moth free of charge, with full access to our website functionality, including consultation of our lawyers Price is defined after a test period, and is offered individually to each company All Europe and Asia. Most of the offers are focused on Baltic States, Germany, Benelux and post-soviet countries
Cargo.PL offers a possibility to connect with more than 75 000 users in its database. Shows corresponding matches to entered offers, messenger with pre-defined translated phrases, news portal Cargonews.pl and it’s just a few benefits that we offer



Over 100 loads offered directly from Cargonexx
Cargonexx is free of charge. Cargonexx is free of charge and without any obligations. No commission or minimum contract periods. No risk. - Loads in the German Markets

- Cargonexx is expanding to the following markets: Poland, Austria, Denmark, and the Benelux countries.
- Cargonexx is free of charge.
- 5 days terms of payments.
- Free cabotage insurance for carriers. Only for load directly from Cargonexx.


4940 active transport jobs Indefinitely
Success fees on completed transport jobs Europe -


Infracht is an innovative transport platform, free for Carriers. Currently we are creating the database of carriers, customers and forwarders. 
The platform is free for carriers. Customers and forwarders can use the platform without any charges until the end of 2017.
Infracht platform is totally free for Carriers. Customers and forwarders do not pay any subscription charges! Commission is collected on executed orders. For companies posting large amounts of loads we also offer attractive 30-day packages.  European market.  
- unlimited number of Infracht users in your company
- 24/7 access to the website
- no need to install any apps
- support of the Customer Service Desk
- Infracht audits the most important documentation of the users in order to ensure the highest level of security when using the platform services.



Ridesharing for freight:
Instead of offering single loads, LoadFox's intelligent algorithm combines part loads from its partner network into profitable tours. Through this, existing truck capacities will be fully utilized, emissions are reduced and the profitability of the LoadFox partners is increased. 
Yes: During the beta phase LoadFox is completely free of charge. Since our network is still growing, we appreciate all partners, who join us during the beta phase. We encourage feedback from our partners, to constantly improve our platform and services. Free: During the beta phase LoadFox is completely free of charge.

After our beta phase, we will likely introduce small variable transaction related fees. Fees will only represent a fraction of the additional revenues/profits generated for our partners.

LoadFox currently offers its services to every transport company from Europe. In the very first step only with tours within Germany on our platform.

For the next step, we are planning to expand within the European market and will soon offer transports within Poland as well.
To improve the daily business of our partners, we have added additionally to our algorithm services such as a group and copy function to our platform. Thus tours can be booked even faster and are memorized for the next booking.

Qualis logistics

Qualis Logistics is the premium freight and truck Exchange, exclusive for
audited companies.
It will operate starting from September 2017 and it is currently in its pre-inscription phase.
The pre-inscripted companies (before September 12, 2017)
will benefit from 6 months of free service.
In order to benefit from the 6 months of free service, the company has to fulfill these requirements:
being an audited company, accepting the terms of service and submitting the complete documentation.

Fares vary between 733 € and 1242 € per year depending on the company profile
Benefits for those pre-inscripted (before September 12, 2017)
- 75% discount on the first year, being a Wtransnet member
- 50% discount on the first year, not being a Wtransnet member
Qualis Logistics is
a German-born freight Exchange, with an
European range
Qualis Logistics offers:
- Only certified companies
- 45 days terms of payments
- Invoice collection guarantee
- Only transport companies with their own fleet
- Availability of loads from companies that are not working in the traditional freight exchange environment due to their specific requirements: pharma, SQAS…


Saloodo! is your digital freight platform which connects shippers and transport providers in a fast, smart and reliable way. As a transport provider you can profit from more than 1400 daily shipments from different shippers on your transport routes in order to optimize your truck capacities. Saloodo! is free of charge. Transport providers and shippers can register for free. The digital freight platform Saloodo! is free to use. We charge no monthly costs or subscription fees for transport providers and shippers. Additionally, transport providers can download the Saloodo! Driver App for free. Shippers just pay the costs for the shipment that they booked. Saloodo! is the digital freight platform for all in Europe. More than 4900 registered transport companies offer their service in over 17 countries. Other countries such as the UK, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands will follow.
Leverage a single platform to get suitable loads in real-time to optimize your fleet.
- Fast payment within 14 days with Saloodo! as contract partner
- Stay in contact with your driver via our innovative Saloodo! Driver App
- Dynamic transport quote calculator helps to make competitive transport offers
- Freight documents and invoices at any time, available on your personal dashboard



200 000 freights daily Free online presentations in real time Flat rates, tailored to customers' needs All Europe (with strong position in Benelux, France, Spain, Germany, Poland).  - Customer service
 - Training
 - Free SMS
 - Debt Mediation
 - Route planner
 - Company Directory

TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH

TimoCom connects everyone involved in transport. There is something in for everyone: On Europe's largest transport platform, up to 750,000 international vehicle and freight offers are offered daily - with upward tendency. Potential new customers always have the opportunity to test the applications for up to 4 weeks for free and discover the many advantages for themselves. TimoCom offers various package options which meet the needs of each and every customer involved in the logistics chain. The TimoCom platform is available for more than 120,000 users in 44 European countries and 24 European languages, operating thus in all markets Europe-wide.  In all of the package options the TimoCom Business Messenger, the business directory for the logistics sector, personal support in the customer's native language and an individual introduction to the program are included without extra costs.


The base includes
28 000companies(carriers), 6 000 freight forwarders,  15 000 freight owners.
Daily more than 1000 new requests for free transport and about 3000 requests for freight are added to the base. 
There is 15 days free trial option which allows to have access to contacts of freight forwarders and freight owners 6 euro per month is cost of the minimum service plan Belarus,
Baltic countries
Ad placement on the web-portal


Real load volume (it is prohibited to copy or to resale an offer):  
- 5 millions loads offered
- 2,8 millions trucks offered
- Continuous growth since 1996 (first year of launching)
Annual contract with
a three months
trial option
Wtransnet’s fares vary between 528 € and 895 € per year depending on the company profile
Wtransnet is the
leading freight exchange
in Southern Europe
With more than
11.000  trusted and
reliable companies registered  in 33 different countries, Wtransnet is a fundamental business instrument for its clients.

Wtransnet offers its customers:
- Invoice collection guarantee and late payments claiming
- Vehicles plate number verification
- Additional matching support for routes with little offers
- Free information service on other companies
- Tracking Cargo, for an efficient tracking of the freight during its stages

*data from 2014
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