8-10 November, 2017

5th International Transport & Logistics
Exhibition in Warsaw
EXPO XXI, Prądzyńskiego 12/14 Street, Warsaw

Freight exchange platforms

Freight exchanges' overview

Freight exchanges are platforms for exchanging information between carriers and shippers. They facilitate communication, transaction processing, and acquisition of new orders. First and foremost, they allow for minimizing empty running and optimizing the use of the cargo area, and - consequently - reducing costs. We invite you to read our review of the leading freight exchange platforms that will be available at TransPoland TransLogistica 2017.


Name of the company Number
of offers

Free trial period

Cost of use

Markets (countries)

Additional benefits
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123 cargo








4940 active transport jobs Indefinitely
Success fees on completed transport jobs Europe - Hall 3



Qualis logistics

Qualis Logistics is the premium freight and truck Exchange, exclusive for
audited companies.
It will operate starting from September 2017 and it is currently in its pre-inscription phase.
The pre-inscripted companies (before September 12, 2017)
will benefit from 6 months of free service.
In order to benefit from the 6 months of free service, the company has to fulfill these requirements:
being an audited company, accepting the terms of service and submitting the complete documentation.
Fares vary between 733 € and 1242 € per year depending on the company profile
Benefits for those pre-inscripted (before September 12, 2017)
- 75% discount on the first year, being a Wtransnet member
- 50% discount on the first year, not being a Wtransnet member
Qualis Logistics is
a German-born freight Exchange, with an
European range
Qualis Logistics offers:
- Only certified companies
- 45 days terms of payments
- Invoice collection guarantee
- Only transport companies with their own fleet
- Availability of loads from companies that are not working in the traditional freight exchange environment due to their specific requirements: pharma, SQAS…
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Real load volume (it is prohibited to copy or to resale an offer):  
- 5 millions loads offered
- 2,8 millions trucks offered
- Continuous growth since 1996 (first year of launching)
Annual contract with
a three months
trial option
Wtransnet’s fares vary between 528 € and 895 € per year depending on the company profile
Wtransnet is the
leading freight exchange
in Southern Europe
With more than
11.000  trusted and
reliable companies registered  in 33 different countries, Wtransnet is a fundamental business instrument for its clients.
Wtransnet offers its customers:
- Invoice collection guarantee and late payments claiming
- Vehicles plate number verification
- Additional matching support for routes with little offers
- Free information service on other companies
- Tracking Cargo, for an efficient tracking of the freight during its stages
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