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6th International Transport & Logistics Exhibition in Warsaw

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Fuel cards

Fuel cards' overview

Fuel cards are currently the most popular solution for carriers, allowing them to purchase fuel, products and services at gas stations in a non-cash manner. They offer their users a whole range of benefits, from fuel discounts, vehicle washing and parking, to VAT and excise returns. Below we present a comprehensive overview of key fuel cards on the Polish and European markets.

Card name Issuer Accepted in Additional benefits


Andamur 150 Quality service stations
9 European countries

Road tolls and VAT recovery. Fully equipped service areas with highest quality standards in terms of services and product. Secure anti-fraud fuel cards guarantying absolute control of our transactions; pioneers in the creation of Security Parking in Spain. Professional customer support and personal assistance provided by Andamur Team. 30 years presence on the market




Aris Polska sp. z o.o. In Poland:
32 stations

In Europe:
4000 stations
AdBlue, tolls in the European Union, Belarus and Russia. Bridges, tunnels, ferries, trains, car wash. VAT refund (also net invoicing). Excise refund. Russian service centers (guarded car park, tire service andreplacement, shower, laundry, shop, restaurant).

AS 24  
AS 24 Eurotrafic

AS 24 Polska Sp. z o.o.  In Poland:
26 stations

In Europe:
13 000 stations
Tolls, 24/7 roadside assistance , fine payment,  car wash, truck parking. VAT refund.

VAT Polska
 Negometal Group

In Europe:
1291 stations and every
station which accepts MasterCard®

Payment for tolls, ferries, repairs, fines, car wash, car parks and other transport expenses. Quick VAT refund  regardless of the invoice issuer and the return of excise. Possible net invoicing. Insurance for card users, adapted to international transport. Devices for the collection of tolls without a deposit.


DKV Card



DKV Euro Service Polska  In Poland:
over 4000 stations
i 150 car shops

In Europe:
80 000 stations
and service points
in 42 countries
Road and highway tolls, tunnels and ferries across Europe, 24 hour roadside assistance, purchase of oils and greases, car washing and accessories, vehicle rental, transport escort , driver training. VAT (including net invoicing) and excise refund.


E100 Sp. z o.o. In Poland:
619 stations

In Europe:
5000 stations in 28 countries
Adblue, 24/7 service, road tolls, convoys in Belarus, ferries, railways, car wash, parking, wares, road assistance (Poland, Belarus, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova), VAT (including net invoicing) and excise refund.

Eurowag one


W.A.G. payment solutions In Poland:
670 stations

In Europe:
9200 stations
in 25 countries 
Tolls, parking and car wash at selected points
and Eurowag truckparks . VAT (including net invoicing)
and excise refund.

IQ Card



Lotos Paliwa    

MOYA IQ Europe


 Anwim SA In Poland:
 130 stations

In Europe:
1200 stations
w 13 UE countries
In addition to fuel, you can buy AdBlue and washer fluid.



PETROMIRALLES S.L.  A network of over 60 fuel stations all throughout Spain, strategically located at the main transport routes and with strong presence at the borders with France and Portugal. Fuel cards limited to purchases of fuel and AdBlue.
Significant discounts from the first liter on.
VAT and Excise tax recovery services



REDTORTUGA Over 1.200 stations in 8 European countries Global services in 28 countries of European Union, Norway and Switzerland:  toll payment, also for bridges and tunnels, ferries and trains booking, payment of fines, tire roadside assistance, VAT and excise duty recovery.




Tankpool 24
Hempelmann Wittemöller GmbH In Europe:
800 stations
Road tolls, service, tires, service assistance, car wash, parking. VAT and excise refund.

Tracky Card

FAI Service    

UTA Full Service Card


UTA  Polska Sp. z o.o. In Poland:
3900 stations

In Europe:
54 000 points
in 40 countries 
Road and highway tolls, on-board equipment for vehicles, bridge, tunnels, ferries, car repair shops payments, car wash, roadside assistance, border charges. VAT  (including net invoicing) and excise refund.

Detailed product offer, including: terms of invoicing, monthly fuel limit, card security and remote transaction management options will be available at the exhibition. 

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