8-10 November, 2017

5th International Transport & Logistics
Exhibition in Warsaw
EXPO XXI, Prądzyńskiego 12/14 Street, Warsaw

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NOTE: Information for all non-EU citizens!

Please be informed that non-EU citizens need to apply for visa.

Please do not contact us for visa letters.
Regrettably all requests for letters of invitation will be denied.

If your business is relevant to TranslogisticaPoland you will be able to prove this at the relevant Embassy by providing proof of your employment and the nature of your employer’s business.

More information on visa applications for entry to Poland can be found at:


Please fill out a separate registration form for every visitor. Having filled out the form correctly, you will receive the confirmation at your e-mail address.

The show is open for professionals only. Participation of students and school trips is prohibited. The organiser reserves the right to deny entry to the fair or to charge representatives of the following institutions the entrance fee: banks and financial institutions, insurance providers, law firms and legal offices, mobile and landline services operators, consulting, marketing, advertising and public relations agencies, printing houses, etc.

The organiser reserves the right to deny entry without a reason.